Simply a Classic

In the heart on Kruununhaka area lies a beautiful restaurant Kolmen Kruunua. It has been serving customers since 1952

Over the years this classic has never lost its charm.

Kolme Kruunua (”three crowns”) started as a café and turned into a restaurant in 1952, just before Helsinki hosted the Summer Olympic Games. From the beginning, the restaurant has been serving Finnish traditional food. Many of the dishes on the menu have been served since the opening, e.g. traditional scandinavian hash, salmon soup and pan fried Baltic herrings. Kolme Kruunua also serves dishes which aren’t easy to find nowadays in Helsinki, such as Wiener Schnitzel or traditional Finnish home meal ”Läskisoosi” (porky gravy served with mashed potatoes, pickled beetroot and pickles)

The menu of Kolme Kruunua brings nostalgic breeze from the past, but so does the actual place. The well-preserved interior of the restaurants hasn’t changed much over the years. Its elegant design consists of wood panelling, vintage lamps, glass paintings and glass decorations. The interior was designed by artist Emil Ruokolainen (1895-1968) who was a renowned decorative painter in his time. His great craftsmanship can especially be seen in the mirror hanging on the back wall. The window paintings were designed and painted by artist Fritz Hilbert (1898-1981).


Kolme Kruunua


The restaurant has many loyal and regular customers in whose opinion Kolme Kruunua serves the best meatballs in town! People of all ages love the place; both the young generation in their twenties and the over 80 years olds alike. Young or old, there’s something special about this place!

Text : Helsinki This Week | Photos : Kolme Kruunua

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